20 October 2017


RE-evolution, it is the perfect way to define the new Aldo Coppola’s design.  It can be seen at the 8th floor of La Rinascente, the ...


2 October 2017


#FEELING2018, a unique show with Monica Coppola, Stefano Lorenzi and Mauro Situra. The exclusive event will take place at the UniCredit ...


2 October 2017

LIVE AI 2017

“ROCKMANTIC” Dedicated to all the women who take off their armor, who live their life with seduction and romance, sometimes ...


25 September 2017

Milan Fashion Week – SS2018

Discover the best hair and make looks created by Aldo Coppola’s staff for the next SS2018 collections   For Giorgio Armani ...


5 September 2017


Aldo Coppola infusion coloring system is the perfect combination of the intrinsic properties of plant extracts and the latest ...


12 July 2017

Aldo Coppola by Antonella

Exceptional location for the new Aldo Coppola By Antonella. Innovative design and trendy furniture for a unique and exclusive salon. ...


20 June 2017


As Milan Fashion Week has come to an end and, just like every season, Aldo Coppola worked alongside the most important high fashion ...


9 June 2017


The new Aldo Coppola By Novara opens in the historic city center of Novara, just a few steps away from the university and the renowned ...


1 June 2017


Summer in style. Shop Aquamare hair and body products and receive Aldo Coppola Summer Bag. The handbag, made of light nylon, besides ...


9 May 2017


Aldo Coppola opens his first Flagship Store in Switzerland, in the most prestigious street in Lugano, Via Nassa 46, precisely on the ...


9 May 2017


On the 7th May, at the exclusive headquarter of viale Sarca in Milan, was held the Monica Day event dedicated to the PLATINUM & ...


14 April 2017


Feminine Emotions. A journey of beauty and elegance where style and grace take shape in the hands of Monica Coppola and Aldo Coppola ...


13 March 2017


The new Aldo Coppola by Stefano opened in an exclusive and elegant location in L’Aquila. A modern and dynamic Beauty Privè. The ...


7 March 2017


Imaginary journeys, suggestions of the mind. Breaking the rules between fantasy and reality, a sensory journey experience through ...


7 March 2017

Milan Fashion Week FW 2017-18

The international date with the latest prêt-à-porter for the FW 2017-18 collections has just ended. Behind the scenes, as in every ...


20 January 2017

Men Fashion Week FW 2017-18

The international date with the latest prét-à-porter menswear for the FW 2017-18 collections has just ended. Behind the scenes, as in ...


20 December 2016


Aldo Coppola launches his new website with clear and intuitive graphic design for even faster browsing Coinciding with the celebration ...


16 December 2016


For Christmas 2016, Aldo Coppola thought of all those women who want a total beauty experience and created, as Christmas Gift, a roomy, ...


15 October 2016


Urban Orient is the inspiration for the Go Coppola Fall/Winter 2016 collection with a hint of Manga style and nineties fashion due to ...


10 October 2016

Live Academy f/w 2016-17

Live Aldo Coppola Academy f/w 2016-17 took place last 25 September, in front of more than 1000 people, hairstylists and insiders. Aldo ...


16 September 2016

Aldo Coppola by Sara

Aldo Coppola by Sara is joining the Aldo Coppola brand and will soon become a point of reference for hair care and wellness. Aldo ...


30 August 2016

Aldo Coppola by Vittorio

Aldo Coppola by Vittorio welcomes customers in a salon characterized by the distinctive elements of the Aldo Coppola brand. A unique ...


9 June 2016

monica day for ac exclusive club

Un viaggio tra arte, culture e mondi che raccontano I luoghi e I sogni dove nascono le ispirazioni che prendono poi forma e vita nelle ...


11 May 2016

aldo coppola by taormina

E’ stato appena inaugurato in centro a taormina il nuovo salone Aldo Coppola by taormina. Un salone di 100 metri quadri che si presenta ...


26 April 2016

Aldo Coppola by Monica

Elegante, essenziale, moderno, accogliente: sono alcune caratteristiche del salone Aldo Coppola by Monica, appena inaugurato nel centro ...


20 March 2016

cosmoprof 2016

The heart is the leitmotiv of the show that unites three artists in three different moments. Stefano, Monica and Adalberto’s ...


6 March 2016

go coppola Real time s/s 2016

Go Coppola Vintage S/S 2016 The trend for summer 2016 is layered hair with an alluring grunge vibe that is accentuated and rebellious. ...


21 February 2016

Live Academy S/S 2016

Urban wanderers. Creating, to us, means contaminating, blending different styles and redefining them for the contemporary age. It’s us ...


21 December 2015

“quelli dell’isola”

In his book “Quelli Dell’Isola” (Graphot Publishing Co) author Lino Lecchi wanted to tell the story of Aldo ...


8 November 2015

monica day

“Monica Day”, a show reserved to our franchising affiliates and directly-owned salons, was held in Milan on November 8. At ...


8 November 2015

monica day – soundcut

“Monica Day”, a show reserved to our franchising affiliates and directly-owned salons, was held in Milan on November 8. At ...


9 October 2015

live academy f/w 2015-16

#donnegioiello #preciouswomen A virtual, surreal journey through ancient and modern Asia led to the creation of the Aldo Coppola F/W ...


4 October 2015

go coppola real time f/w 2015-16

Free to be Natural Cuts are no longer layered, but feathered to create softly falling, natural proportions that are updated with locks ...


22 September 2015

vogue fashion’s night out 2015

Aldo Coppola Vogue Fashion’s Night Out 2015 The seventh edition of Vogue Fashion’s Night Out event took place on Tuesday, ...


21 April 2015

monica day s/s 2015

An exclusive event for all our franchisees Monica Coppola presented the new Aldo Coppola spring and summer trends with a brilliant ...


26 March 2015

hair – making the final cut

Take young, competitive wannabe hair stylists, all with extraordinary creative talent and all vying to win the title of the best ...


8 March 2015

go coppola real time s/s 2015

Fitness Couture In a society where everything is processed and artificial, this spring and summer we seek natural yet sophisticated ...


22 February 2015

live academy s/s 2015

En Plein Air Flower Child girls and urban hippies with intriguing bangs and center parts inspired the new S/S 2015 collection of the ...


10 February 2015

aldo coppola infusion

Vegetable hair glaze Aldo Coppola Infusion is a unique, innovative product designed to make hair shiny in a simple and natural way. ...


1 January 2015

aldo coppola press campaign 2015

Beauty is a word that encompasses a multitude of meanings. It not only refers to exterior beauty, but also concerns noble beauty or the ...


15 December 2014

aldo coppola gift card

A splendid gift idea Buy the gift gard that you’ll find the Aldo Coppola box to give beauty and wellbeing to whoever you want. ...


1 December 2014

aldo coppola pearls of beauty

Available in our Aldo Coppola salons Pearls for beautiful hair with amino acids, rose hips and Panthenol. This nourishing protective ...


17 November 2014

aldo coppola show in tokyo

One thousand five hundred spectators at the Grand Hyatt Tokyo watched Monica Coppola and Alessandro Franciotti create 10 hairstyles and ...


9 November 2014

monica day f/w 2014-15

Beauty is Timeless Beauty is a word that encompasses a multitude of meanings. It not only refers to exterior beauty, but also concerns ...


10 October 2014

go coppola real time f/w 2014-15

Unique, colorful, and striking, pop style has always been super popular, with lettering, crazy colors, and quirky, original prints. We ...


24 September 2014

bella più di prima – second edition

“Bella più di prima” [More beautiful than before], the seven-episode docu-reality, features stories about women and specific ...


23 September 2014

aldo coppola by cilia

The new, recently opened Aldo Coppola by Cilia salon is a dynamic, welcoming space of 100 square meters with an impeccable innovative ...


16 September 2014

vogue fashion’s night out 2014

Tuesday, September 16, the sixth edition of Vogue Fashion’s Night Out, turns the spotlight on Milan. The international event ...


2 September 2014

aldo coppola by giuseppe ottaviano

A new Aldo Coppola by Giuseppe Ottaviano salon was inaugurated at Viale Perth, 6 in Vasto. The brand new 100 square meter space has 11 ...


3 July 2014

aldo coppola & elchim

Aldo Coppola and Elchim have entered a partnership: now all our hairstylists exclusively the new Aldo Coppola hairdryers. Elchim, which ...


20 March 2014

aldo coppola by silvia & enrico

Aldo Coppola by Silvia & Enrico recently opened in downtown Pescara. The spacious, luminous 150 square meter salon not only offers ...


19 March 2014

aldo coppola by elisa centinaro

The Aldo Coppola by Elisa Centinaro salon was inaugurated on March 9 on the main square of Teramo. Elisa’s passion for the brand ...


25 February 2014

live academy s/s 2014

For the spring/summer collection Aldo Coppola Creative Directors Stefano Lorenzi and Adalberto Vanoni interpret a dazzling, dynamic, ...


19 February 2014

go coppola 2014 advertising campaign

Fascinating and dynamic, she is an icon of modern Italian beauty. Backstage at the photo shoot, Melissa was upbeat and ironic. In the ...


14 February 2014

aldo coppola advertising campaign 2014

Sensuous, beautiful and alluring, the Aldo Coppola woman loves and pampers herself. The new images of the Aldo Coppola 2014 campaign ...


7 February 2014

“love without bars” photo exhibit

“Amori Sbarrati” [Love without Bars] is a project promoted by the non-profit organization Zeroconfini, which has gradually ...


9 January 2014

aldo coppola by tenti

Aldo Coppola by Tenti in Montecchio (PU) is an elegant, welcoming salon where guests can relax and let themselves be pampered. After 14 ...


17 December 2013

aldo coppola by rimini

In perfect harmony with the famous resort town of the Romagna region, the new Aldo Coppola by Rimini salon opens in an exclusive ...


10 December 2013

aldo coppola kingdom of beauty

The dream was to create a space for beauty and wellbeing with a unique and innovative design representing the passion, art and ...


18 October 2013

aldo coppola by body charme

Welcome to the Aldo Coppola by Body Charme salon in Borgomanero, full of light, relaxation, innovation, experimentation and style. The ...


11 October 2013

aldo coppola & fashion style

Fashion Style, the first all-Italian fashion talent show, will make its debut tonight at 9:10 PM on the La5 channel. The program, ...


6 October 2013

go coppola real time f/w 2013-14

Twenty-five years dedicated to fashion magazines. For this F/W 2014 season, Mauro Situra, artistic spokesperson for Go Coppola, ...


23 September 2013

live academy f/w 2013-14

A Different Thought So many women on our stage interpret a radiant truth. Different identities and different thoughts make each woman ...


17 June 2013

by massimiliano & mosi cicala onlus

A spectacular happening organized by Aldo Coppola hair stylist Massimiliano Campanile in his Aldo Coppola by Massimiliano salon on Via ...


29 April 2013

aldo coppola by angela trovato

At an exclusive party inaugurating the salon, 500 guests visited the magnificent location and learned more about all available ...


12 April 2013

aldo coppola & calzedonia summer show

Calzedonia stylishly inaugurated the upcoming summer season with an exclusive party and lots of fantastic guests, including the ...


28 March 2013

aldo coppola privé S/S 2013

Aldo Coppola reinterprets Optical style, finding new keys of contemporary language. The distinctive light cuts reveal classic Aldo ...


3 March 2013

go coppola real time s/s 2013

When dreaming of the perfect vacation, you can imagine it exactly the way it should be: vibrant, colorful, energizing and glamorous. ...


26 February 2013

milan fashion week f/w 2014-15

M2lan Fashion Week has just ended, and we did the hair for these shows and presentations. GIORGIO ARMANI Hair by Roberta Bellazzi@Aldo ...


26 February 2013

milan fashion week f/w 2013-14

Milan Fashion Week has just ended, and we did the hair for these shows and presentations. GIORGIO ARMANI: Hair: Roberta Bellazzi@Aldo ...


13 February 2013

live academy s/s 2013

The idea comes from a country party in summer. Songs, dances, and music gracefully surround the new S/S woman of Accademia Aldo Coppola ...


6 February 2013

aldo coppola & smartbox gift box

The Smartbox® Wellness package has added the professionalism and quality of the Aldo Coppola brand. The gift box includes a complete ...


4 February 2013

atelier aldo coppola rinascente

In the magnificent space on the eighth floor of La Rinascente, framed by mirrors and with a fabulous view of the church spires, the ...


31 January 2013

alta moda roma s/s 2013

Haute couture comes to life each year in Rome with the Alta Roma event. Here is a brief behind-the-scenes look at our staff’s ...


31 January 2013

aldo coppola black line

BEAUTY AND WELLBEING START FROM THE TOP “Aldo Coppola Black Line” is a range of innovative new hair care products. The ...


9 January 2013

aldo coppola atelier via solari

The year 2013 is all about total wellbeing The brand new Atelier Aldo Coppola opens at Via Solari 11, one of the trendiest zones of ...


12 December 2012

aldo coppola & may moma

Beauty, style and simplicity are the key words at the center of an agreement signed by the May Moma brand and Aldo Coppola. Its jewelry ...


7 December 2012

aldo coppola advertising campaign 2013

How is it possible that Aldo Coppola manages to give us a new image of femininity each year without ever betraying his deepest feeling ...


22 October 2012

go coppola real time f/w 2012-13

Femininity’s myriad faces: no woman is only as she seems. No woman has just one soul, one temperament, and one identity. All can ...


22 October 2012

martini event

Bárbara González, 27, from Pamplona, Spain was crowned the winner of the Martini Royale casting and will follow in the footsteps of ...


21 October 2012

second privé collection 2012

Difference, uniqueness and the avant-garde are the leitmotifs of the second Aldo Coppola Privè collection. Maestro Aldo Coppola ...


28 September 2012

milan fashion week s/s 2013

The Milan fashion shows for S/S 2013 have just ended. Here are the fashion shows where Aldo Coppola staff did the hair and makeup: John ...


27 September 2012

live academy f/w 2012-13

The woman envisioned by the Aldo Coppola Academy is strong, energetic, dynamic, and enterprising. She travels through cities full of ...


20 June 2012

milan fashion week s/s 2013 menswear

Dirk Bikkembergs Hair by Lorenzo Barcella @ Aldo Coppola Agency / L’Oreal Professionel Make-up by Agata Peyrot @ Aldo Coppola ...


12 June 2012

aldo coppola atelier in forte dei marmi

The new Aldo Coppola Beauty Privé will open on Tuesday, June 12, in Forte dei Marmi. Designed by Aldo Coppola Jr. and Anton Kobrinetz, ...


6 June 2012

the nike barbershop opens in milan

On-field technique has to be as sharp as a razor. For many players – like Mario Balotelli of Manchester City –having a certain style is ...


30 May 2012

aldo coppola atelier in london

Beauty and Wellness Begin at the Top The “Hair Therapy Opening” was held in the fabulous Aldo Coppola atelier located in ...


2 May 2012

aldo coppola summer bag 2012

Aldo Coppola summer bags are made of a 100% natural fabric called juco (a jute/cotton blend). Light and roomy, they come in two ...


12 April 2012

go coppola real time s/s 2012

“This year I had the fortune and privilege to visit and experience several cities around the world. Spending time in these places – New ...


1 March 2012

milan fashion week f/w 2012-13

KRISTINA TI Eclectic and contemporary little Miss Grunge reinterprets the styles of the last real movement that revolutionized fashion ...


16 February 2012

live academy s/s 2012

Women with impeccable style inspired by the Roaring Twenties, when carefree, emancipated women had great fun. Cascades of pearls ...


1 January 2012

go coppola 2012 advertising campaign

Today’s women know what they want and do everything in their power to get it. Go Coppola, the contemporary prêt-à-porter brand, ...


1 January 2012

aldo coppola advertising campaign 2012

With an allure and self-awareness that hides sensuality and audacity, Olga Malyuk is a marvelous icon of femininity, representing the ...


14 November 2011

armani hotel in milan

The elegant Armani Hotel has been launched, the second of the Armani Hotels & Resorts project, in cooperation with Emaar Properties ...


27 October 2011

aldo coppola & calvin klein

Milan, Rinascente Duomo – Rome, Piazza di Spagna. Two days dedicated to women. Aldo Coppola and Calvin Klein organized a special event ...


12 October 2011

go coppola real time f/w 2011-12

Real Time F/W 2011 paid a tribute to three great and very special designers who left a rich and creative legacy of fashion and beauty ...


3 October 2011

milan fashion week s/s 2012

KRISTINA TI: FOLK AND ROMANTICISM Understated elegance and chic Parisian-style women were the inspiration for the show.  The makeup and ...


27 September 2011

live academy f/w 2011-12

This time, as if on a fairytale journey, we are transported to a mysterious landscape with dark, smoky, almost apocalyptic moods ...


13 September 2011

no place, every place

On September 4 in the modern and exclusive venue of a former factory in downtown Zurich, Aldo and Monica Coppola presented a splendid ...


14 July 2011

alta roma f/w 2011-12

The haute couture runway shows in Rome have just ended and, once again, the Aldo Coppola staff was backstage doing its magic at two of ...


13 July 2011

aldo coppola atelier coro vercelli

A very special address has been chosen for the new Aldo Coppola Atelier: the exclusive Corso Vercelli, 29. The location is home to the ...


13 April 2011

aldo coppola summer bag 2011

Never boring and always cool, the Aldo Coppola Summer Bag made of 100% Indian cotton is soft, light, large and extra-roomy. It comes in ...


25 March 2011

alo coppola cosmoprof 2011

The 44th edition of Cosmoprof, the world’s most important cosmetics and beauty products show, concluded yesterday. Once again, the ...


23 March 2011

go coppola real time s/s 2011

Real Time S/S 2011 takes a voyage through the world of cinema. Full of memories, celebrities, and actors…it presents the cinema a ...


15 March 2011

carnival 2011

During Carnival 2011, the Aldo Coppola staff wanted to entertain customers by wearing amusing masks and costumes. It was an original, ...


25 February 2011

olbia 2011 press release

This year, as always, we presented the new Aldo Coppola – L’Oreal Professionnel image for 2011 in the Arrivals area of the Olbia ...


21 February 2011

live academy s/s 2011

Summer will be a pop universe full of vibrant shapes and Adalberto Vanoni, the Artistic Director of the Aldo Coppola Academy, created ...


25 January 2011

aldo advertising campaign 2011

A special woman expresses Aldo Coppola’s “The Beauty of Love” message in 2011. In fact, she is “the” woman in her most intimate and ...


14 January 2011

aldo coppola for alberta ferretti

For the 79th edition of Pitti Uomo, a stunning fashion show dedicated to the feminine side of every woman was held in an unusual venue: ...


12 December 2010

aldo coppola by antonio & qi clubbing

On Friday, March 25, Qi Clubbing, the famous discotheque in Brescia, celebrated its 11th birthday with an exclusive “Superhero” themed ...


23 September 2010

go coppola real time f/w 2010-11

Real Time is the show with upcoming fall and winter trends that Mauro Situra, artistic spokesperson for the Go Coppola brand, and ...


13 September 2010

aldo coppola by massimiliano & sal

Passion, dedication, enthusiasm, and talent are the essential elements that make a gratifying and creative profession a success. That ...


11 March 2010

go coppola real time s/s 2010

“Reality and Fantasy” During his performance last Sunday, Mauro Situra revealed his creative mind and free spirit. In Mauro’s new work ...